Saturday, June 30, 2012

PBP- Legends

Legends..the stuff of myths passed down by voice, and pen thru the mists of time and fantasy to our modern ears and eyes.

There is more there to be seen than just a good story though, in every myth and legend there is a seed of truth that began it all. The key is to look deeper into the story to find that grain of truth thru research in history,and becoming a truth seeker.

As one works hard the legends will reveal so many secrets lost to time.....become a treasure hunter and go on the hunt for those secrets!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Please help spread the word!

It has been a struggle thru my life one I have fought and walked thru with as much dignity as I can muster and all the strength I have been gifted by the Lady and her Lord. Thru each of these struggles I have moved toward a singular goal, the happiness, safety, and support of my son. As such I  have begun working towards the goal of owning a farm to be self-sufficient as possible, raise my son in a safe and loving atmosphere, and have a place of safety I can practice my path.

In this Goal I also hold the want and desire to build a place of safety upon said property where others of a like mind could gather to practice thier crafts in peace and acceptance. So I ask you kindly to please help me towards this goal that it might  be achieved.

Those of you whom wish to help or simply are curious are welcome to contact me by email
The name of the buisness is Narila Designs, I craft and sell handmade pagan and Medieval re-enactment items....No machines or technology are used in the crafting process, everything is done by hand.
Here is a list of my prices and wares available:

Wands $40.00
Staffs $80.00 - $100.00 depending on the size required
Handsewn Cloaks $300.00 - $1000.00 depending on if you want hooded or lined, and the fabrics requested. (Example: cotton would be cheaper than velvet) Color requests accepted
Handfasting Cords $50.00 for a matched set of 2. They are hand braided with beads to match. Up to 6 colors can be chosen but I suggest 3 so the cords will match.
Hand Sewn Medieval Garb: Women Full Set for Peasent (chemise, bodice, skirt, overskirt) $1500.00
                                               Men Full Set for Peasent (shirt, tunic, pants) $1000.00

If interested please contact me thru my email I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Checks and Moneyorders accepted.

PBP- Leadership

How does one define leadership? Is it a person that takes upon thier shoulders the great responsibility of planning and organizing an entire community or coven? Or instead is it a person though perhaps not as well known by all is one that does what they can to teach, guide, and help how they are able using the resources, knowlege and open heart they were gifted by the Lady and her Lord to better thier community in thier own small ways?

While being a very big name in the community may be grand for some and all the responsibilities of such can be every enlightening...let us not forget the small roles. Those that are the backbone the little leaders. So many go unnamed, unknown, and unrecognized for thier hard work. It may seem menial and silly to most but without those people those background workers we would have no reason for a large leader. We would not have any knowlege of our heritage for it is those the small unknown names that preserved them for when those wishing to have a bigger voice could proclaim them to the world.

Take the time today to think of them, if you are able to see them give them a hug or simply tell them thank you for they are as important if not more so. I promise you showing them that small bit of appreciation will brighten thier day more than you could ever imagine.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

PBP- King Arthur and Merlin

Ahhh but the great and daring legends of man most brave brought forth from the mists to bring the land from tyranny and pain back to the greatness it was always meant to be.

Let us look deeper though at the great legends of a time long gone, a place long since forgotten to the annals of time and story, we look to the deep relationship between Arthur and Merlin his wiseman, witch, and greatest adviser. We see them both great men in thier own right and yet alone they are nothing. Togethor in legend and song they rise as one Strength and Wisdom fighting togethor as one to create the utopia that is camelot...a force unstoppable till the destruction of one or the other of that great unity...

PBP- Knowlege

Knowlege, what do we truly know...all we know is that which we take the time to learn, to experiance. In order to experiance and learn we must break free of the binds that tie us, move out into the light of day and explore the world around us. We cannot live our lives sheltered in our homes safe behind a computer screen.

But wait I can hear many already asking...what of the wealth of information on the internet?! Well  you can read all day about the art of sewing...but how will you truly know it unless you try it yourself? You have always loved reading about riding in a hot air balloon high above the clouds...Imagine how it would feel to truly leave the house and experiance it?

Knowlege and wisdom do not come just from books and the internet though information is more readily at hand...true knowlege stems from the things we experiance and allow ourselves to experiance as we live each day like it were our last.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PBP- Judging

We all do it some without thinking others with full intent on doing so, It is a disease that humanity will be plauged by till the end of time. As long as there are stereotypes, as long as there are fears of the things we do not know or like, as long as humanity remains focused upon itself...there will forever be those that judge others.

One of the greatest issues I have come across in my journey thru life, and one that saddens me greatly, are those pagans that demand respect and yet fail to give it to others.  They preach of accpetance and yet in the same breath put down and belittle those of differing beliefs. I came to be active within my own pagan community looking for acceptance, safety, and a welcoming smile, what I found were only those that could look at me and see that I had at one point in my life albeit a short point been catholic...they spoke down to me treating me as inferior...I moved on to a solitary lifestyle and have yet to return to the the local community in these 12 long years. Instead I created an online chatroom upon a server I knew well, hoping to meet friends and I did two of my very dearest in fact. But in that same time I have had to remove more than one pagan that wished only to belittle and blame the christians for all they thought they could get away with....

For those that have in the past and I am sure will in the future say that christians are the root of all that is bad in the world all the suffering and persecution...Look to the history books...the christians were hunted and killed by pagans right along side those times...for centuries in fact so do not count yourself so holy and clean. To quote a favorite verse from my childhood "Seek not to remove the splinter from his eye till you remove the log from your own."

If this were not bad enough I have seen also in many pagan communities both online and off those that look to others of differing paths within the pagan traditions and belittle them as well...Calling them frauds, weaklings, and speaking to them as inferiors simply because they do not follow the same path. This life is not about whom is right or is about becoming one with all that surrounds us, becoming balanced, becoming whole. To those that have suffered these tauntings and cruel words...Listen not to those that wish to make themselves feel more important by pushing you down to the ground, instead rise up looking ever forward to the bright future before you, hold tight to your own beliefs for they will bring you the joy and peace you deserve.

PBP- Journey

There is a saying "The joy is in the Journey." Let us keep this phrase in mind as we consider our modern ways of life.

Nowadays life is a thing of liezure, education is a right (one that is often ignored), we have information and technology all around us. Everything we could possibly need is at our fingertips and yet we complain...nothing is ever enough, nothing is ever good enough , fast enough, big enough, expensive enough, cheap enough....its simply never enough.

Let us look to the past, how did we get to this place? We worked our asses off.... Education used to be a luxery for the very rich the average man and woman did not know how to read or it is something we all learn as we grow, we do not have to be born into a family of influence to recieve these gifts. Yet all we hear is complaints of to much homework, we have to be up to early, we dont want to go to school... Well let me tell you something if  you lived in a time where you didnt go to school, you would have been up before sunrise to work in the fields till the sun went down. You would give your blood, swea,t and tears for everything you have. Be grateful you have the advances that came of the hard lives of others and stop your whineing or I will be forced to throw cheese at you!