Saturday, June 16, 2012

A little about me

Well where to begin...isnt that always the hardest step..the first one? For me it has always been I believe but though it is hard it is a worthwhile one as it leads down a road of wonderment, trials, challenges, and learning.

I am a single mom of 28 with a loving and wonderful son whom is my world. Though only 5 years old he is already showing how great a man he will become. I have been on my pagan journey now for the majority of my life, if not since birth and it has never been a smooth journey but it is one that has led to peace in my heart.

I began my journey at the tender age of eight years old, I was a precocious child and when others kept telling me I was making things up when I spoke of the voices and images I would see dancing about my tender young eyes, I began to search for answers from others that would understand. What I found was wicca, I studied hard at that age though my family was catholic and I was raised accordingly as such. This afforded me a very open view of both the religion I was raised in and the one I had begun to learn on my own.

Ten years later I was a young woman, engaged, working, and living with my fiance an agnostic or so he said. His views though were very trying as he refused any other in our home and I was forced to return to the "broom closet" as it were to avoid his abuse over the subject.

Now that I am far removed from him (thankfully never having married him) I have become more active in my studies even moving on to help others by teaching and helping to guide. I enjoy my chosen path greatly and look forward to continuing on it for many many years to come.

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