Sunday, June 17, 2012

PBP- Adept

An adept is defined as an individual identified as having attained a specific level of knowledge, skill, or aptitude in doctrines relevant to a particular path or study. I feel that while a lofty goal this is one that should be looked toward by any witch of any path.  Looking to the past it was those that had become Adept in thier given field that would pass on the knowlege to the next generation. They were the ones that kept the traditions and practices alive thru the ages.

A noble goal that any and all should be proud to achieve in thier lifetime. Something not mentioned though in the definition of adept is that though they have achieved a certain level of learning...the learning never ends. It will continue till the day death moves them to the next plane.

For me I, being a solitary, know that I may not have a paper or the word of another adept to proclaim me as such but I shall never stop learning, teaching, guiding, or helping others. I am brought peace by my chosen path and will forever march down it with pride, curiosity, and joy.

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