Sunday, June 17, 2012

PBP- Alder

One of my great passions is herbology as such I will gladly be adding a few of my favorite herbs, plants, and trees to my blogs telling of thier uses.

Alder is one of several sacred trees to the Druids. A great and noble tree it has many uses both magical and medicinal.

Amongst the medicinal uses are the treating of inflamations, rheumatism, and diarrhea with its bark. Bags filled with heated alder leaves help with chronic skin conditions and burns. A gargle made form the leaves and bark can be used to help cure mouth ulcers and soothe tonsillitis. Alder oil and essence resonate with the muscular system of the human body and when massaged into the skin can help relieve stiffness, enabling the ability to move forward with flexability and comfort.

Moving on we find that Alder has several magical uses as well.

Alder helps you face up to the things you have been avoiding in your life. It was also believed that Alder was the tree that allowed access to humans into the fairy realms. The great tree's essence is invogorating and it was known to reduce nervousness and anxiety.
Because it's bark and sap were the source of fine strongly colored dyes, it was often associated with the art of fabric making and the goddesses of spinning. Alder reminds us of the need to blend strength and courage with the generosity of spirit and compassion.
The pith is easily pushed free of green shoots to produce whistles, several shoots bound togethor by cord could be trimmed to the desired length to make what many know as a pan pipe. These were used to entice air elementals. The old superstition of whistling up the wind began with this custom.

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