Sunday, June 17, 2012

PBP- Chalice

The chalice both a symbol of feminity and bounty has surrvived thru every religion and age there has ever been. Used in pagan and christian traditions alike it will forever be a valued treasure.

One of the most beautiful uses of the chalice I have ever witnessed is in the exchange of rings during a wiccan handfasting I attended years back.  Rather than simply a handing of the ring to her husband she did so much more by placing the ring inside of the chalice offering not just loyalty as represented by the ring inside but also of her womanhood, her love, all that she was to the man she loved. It brought a tear to my eye and will always stand out in my memory as I am sure it will remain treasured in thier own.

Beyond this it is also a key component of a Witches Altar. Used in ritual to hold the wine of libation, the chalice represents the Goddess, a symbol of emotion and fertility often in lue of the cauldron.

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