Sunday, June 17, 2012

PBP- Dedication

Dedication, unlike an initiation ceremony that brings one into an order or coven, is that process by which an individual accepts the craft as thier path and vows to study and learn all that is necessary to reach adeptship in a given tradition. In a dedication you conciously choose and prepare to accept something new into your life and stick with it regardless of the highs and lows this choice may produce in your life.

My own dedication was done under the full moon on the night of the largest moon of the year. It was a blessed event wherein I dedicated myself to the Lady vowing my devotions and study of nature's ways, asking her for the strength to learn all she had to teach me and take each step down the path she had laid before me.

Afterwhich I felt free, at peace, and filled with a love I had not felt since my early childhood. I was home at last and walking down the path that had always been meant for me.

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