Monday, June 18, 2012

PBP- Ghosts

Ghosts: shocking, hollywood endorsed, horror movie pretend OR spirits of those past on stuck in another plane trying to communicate with us on this plane?

Well for me, I believe it to be the second option, after having had several experiances over the eyars I simply no longer can deny it. I will share with you the most powerful experiance by far and the most life changing.

I was 16 when it happened...I have always had a hard time in palces that suffered heavy trama like battle fields, hospitals, so on..get sick to my stomach hear voices suffer injury and such but I had never actually seen anything till then I went with my youthgroup to Italy that summer and we were in rome visiting the colloseum outside were a bunch of guys in bad gladiator costumes wandering around tourists could take a picture with them for like 10 bucks but they werent allowed inside the colloseum We went inside and I instantly started to feel nauseated so while everyone else wandered around I sat down on a piece of ruin and tried to get my stomach to settle the voices started at first screams of pain the sound of tearing flesh kept echoing thru my head when something caught my eye to the right of me. being my paranoid lil self I instantly looked up
Down at the end of the path was a gladiator standing there staring me down...the voice I heard though was in my head not from his mouth. "Christians will die here" he then just vanished I started crying really hard and felt a harsh stinging on my back.
When I got back to the hotel with the group I went to lay down and took my top off
my roommate came into our room and found me laying on my stomach still sobbing...I had 12 deep whip marks running the length of my back and when she touched them asking if I was ok her fingers came away with blood, she was so horrified. I made her swear not to tell the chaperones I told her I just tripped and scraped my back for whatever reason she believed me

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