Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PBP- Journey

There is a saying "The joy is in the Journey." Let us keep this phrase in mind as we consider our modern ways of life.

Nowadays life is a thing of liezure, education is a right (one that is often ignored), we have information and technology all around us. Everything we could possibly need is at our fingertips and yet we complain...nothing is ever enough, nothing is ever good enough , fast enough, big enough, expensive enough, cheap enough....its simply never enough.

Let us look to the past, how did we get to this place? We worked our asses off.... Education used to be a luxery for the very rich the average man and woman did not know how to read or it is something we all learn as we grow, we do not have to be born into a family of influence to recieve these gifts. Yet all we hear is complaints of to much homework, we have to be up to early, we dont want to go to school... Well let me tell you something if  you lived in a time where you didnt go to school, you would have been up before sunrise to work in the fields till the sun went down. You would give your blood, swea,t and tears for everything you have. Be grateful you have the advances that came of the hard lives of others and stop your whineing or I will be forced to throw cheese at you!

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