Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PBP- Judging

We all do it some without thinking others with full intent on doing so, It is a disease that humanity will be plauged by till the end of time. As long as there are stereotypes, as long as there are fears of the things we do not know or like, as long as humanity remains focused upon itself...there will forever be those that judge others.

One of the greatest issues I have come across in my journey thru life, and one that saddens me greatly, are those pagans that demand respect and yet fail to give it to others.  They preach of accpetance and yet in the same breath put down and belittle those of differing beliefs. I came to be active within my own pagan community looking for acceptance, safety, and a welcoming smile, what I found were only those that could look at me and see that I had at one point in my life albeit a short point been catholic...they spoke down to me treating me as inferior...I moved on to a solitary lifestyle and have yet to return to the the local community in these 12 long years. Instead I created an online chatroom upon a server I knew well, hoping to meet friends and I did two of my very dearest in fact. But in that same time I have had to remove more than one pagan that wished only to belittle and blame the christians for all they thought they could get away with....

For those that have in the past and I am sure will in the future say that christians are the root of all that is bad in the world all the suffering and persecution...Look to the history books...the christians were hunted and killed by pagans right along side those times...for centuries in fact so do not count yourself so holy and clean. To quote a favorite verse from my childhood "Seek not to remove the splinter from his eye till you remove the log from your own."

If this were not bad enough I have seen also in many pagan communities both online and off those that look to others of differing paths within the pagan traditions and belittle them as well...Calling them frauds, weaklings, and speaking to them as inferiors simply because they do not follow the same path. This life is not about whom is right or is about becoming one with all that surrounds us, becoming balanced, becoming whole. To those that have suffered these tauntings and cruel words...Listen not to those that wish to make themselves feel more important by pushing you down to the ground, instead rise up looking ever forward to the bright future before you, hold tight to your own beliefs for they will bring you the joy and peace you deserve.

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