Thursday, June 28, 2012

PBP- Knowlege

Knowlege, what do we truly know...all we know is that which we take the time to learn, to experiance. In order to experiance and learn we must break free of the binds that tie us, move out into the light of day and explore the world around us. We cannot live our lives sheltered in our homes safe behind a computer screen.

But wait I can hear many already asking...what of the wealth of information on the internet?! Well  you can read all day about the art of sewing...but how will you truly know it unless you try it yourself? You have always loved reading about riding in a hot air balloon high above the clouds...Imagine how it would feel to truly leave the house and experiance it?

Knowlege and wisdom do not come just from books and the internet though information is more readily at hand...true knowlege stems from the things we experiance and allow ourselves to experiance as we live each day like it were our last.

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