Friday, June 29, 2012

PBP- Leadership

How does one define leadership? Is it a person that takes upon thier shoulders the great responsibility of planning and organizing an entire community or coven? Or instead is it a person though perhaps not as well known by all is one that does what they can to teach, guide, and help how they are able using the resources, knowlege and open heart they were gifted by the Lady and her Lord to better thier community in thier own small ways?

While being a very big name in the community may be grand for some and all the responsibilities of such can be every enlightening...let us not forget the small roles. Those that are the backbone the little leaders. So many go unnamed, unknown, and unrecognized for thier hard work. It may seem menial and silly to most but without those people those background workers we would have no reason for a large leader. We would not have any knowlege of our heritage for it is those the small unknown names that preserved them for when those wishing to have a bigger voice could proclaim them to the world.

Take the time today to think of them, if you are able to see them give them a hug or simply tell them thank you for they are as important if not more so. I promise you showing them that small bit of appreciation will brighten thier day more than you could ever imagine.

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